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This site is best viewed in a browser like Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome. There are a few issues with Internet Explorer, especially if you're using an older version. Apart from that, everything should work ok!

You can have a look at my games page, I'm trying my hand at HTML5 canvas type things so again if you're using Internet Explorer you're missing out!! Also the metric clock is pretty HTML5 as well so you won't see that either :S
Bearing all that in mind, you're probably better off changing browsers to one of the ones I suggested before if you want to enjoy this site in the way it was intended.


08/01/2013The Wall of Hate has been added to the site; you should head on over if you want to hear me rant about the petty consumer irritants of my day to day life. If you like you can send abusive emails to companies that have screwed me over :)
08/01/2013This just in: News is happening!!

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